New features

Send us your full address and get 2 sheets of additionnal tools for free to complete your PAPERSHOW™ main toolbar

You'll enjoy to use the new mask, to hide and reveal elements of your presentation, as well as a new correction tool to erase strokes neatly, wherever they were written on the page.
Also enjoy the laser pointer, the interactive calculator, the highlighters, etc...

Your PAPERSHOW™ notes and presentations will be even more striking.

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NB: These new features are only available for PAPERSHOW™ for office owners, and not PAPERSHOW™ for teachers ones.

A strong interest for Professional Trainers & coaches

Professional Trainers and coaches have review Papershow in the UK:

Papershow Competition on Training Zone UK

Please see our latest detail on the Papershow Competition on Training Zone UK:

PAPERSHOW compatible with Mac.

The new PAPERSHOW kits, compatible with Mac, are now available.

Contact us to get the list of the PAPERSHOW Mac resellers.