Technical specifications

Compatibility PC or Mac
Compatible Windows Operating systems 32 bits : XP (SP 2/3) + Vista (SP 1/2) + Win7 + Windows 8
64 bits : Vista (SP 2) + Win7 + Windows 8
Compatible Mac Operating systems  Snow Leopard 10.6 + Lion 10.7+ Lion Mountain 10.8
Processor 32 bits (x86) & 64 bits (x64)
Pen-Key connection Bluetooth® wireless link
Bluetooth® range 8-10m
Pen power 1 AAA battery
Average consumption in standby mode 22 hours with a manganese dioxide alkaline battery
Lifespan of pen’s tip 2km of writing on average
USB Key - Memory 256MB or 512MB
Pen & key guarantee 1 year
Import Images (.jpeg, .gif, .png), series of images, PowerPoint® (.ppt, .pptx for PC only) or Adobe® PDF (.pdf)
Export PowerPoint® (.ppt, .pptx for PC only) or Adobe® PDF (.pdf)
Paper 100% recycled Oxford 90g paper